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The Thirty-Two Works of Francesco Geminiani

The Thirty-Two Works of Francesco Geminiani

The Thirty-Two Works of Francesco Geminiani

A Website by Rudolf Rasch


Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762) was one of the most imporant composers of instrumental music in the first half of the eighteenth century. He is best known for his sonatas for violin and figured bass and his concertos for string ensembles, but he also composed music for other instrumental combinations and for harpsichord.

Compared to his “big” contemporaries Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel Geminiani’s music been little studied. If only for the originality that characterizes it and the fact that most of it was published by himself, his music certainly merits further study.

Depending on how one counts musical compositions, Geminiani has composed between two and three hundred musical compositions. They can be ordered in thirty-two works, each works being a series of compositions published together and with a common origin and history. In this website each of these thirty-two works will be discussed into detail, from the first one, the Sonatas of 1716 until the last one, the Second Collection of Pieces for the Harpsichord, published in 1762.

A previous version of this website counted the Violon Sonatas by Francesco Mancini, as corrected by Geminiani and published in 1728, as a Work by Geminiani. This made a total of thirty-three Works by Geminiani. It seems, however, better not to do so. Which sets the number of Works by Geminiani at thirty-two.


Work 1: The Sonatas of 1716

Work 2: The Corelli Concertos, Prima parte (1726)

Work 3: The Corelli Concertos, Parte seconda (1729)

Work 4: The Concertos Opus 3 (1732)

Work 5: The Concertos Opus 2 (1732)

Work 6: The Select Harmony Concertos (1734)

Work 7: The Concertos from Corelli’s Sonatas Opus 3 (1735)

Work 8: The Sonatas Opus 4 (1730)

Work 9: Le prime sonate (1739)